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The Garden Centre Group Co-op Corporation
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The Garden Centre Group Co-op Corporation

Our Members

Becoming a GCGC Member

The primary purpose of the Garden Centre Group Co-Op Corp is to maximize purchasing power. The collective buying power of our membership is optimized through volume purchasing. New suppliers, product lines, and programs are researched and presented to the membership for their consideration by like-minded members. This ensures a true retail-aware approach to negotiation and selection of products.

While it is recognized that the support of purchasing programs by the members is essential to gain the best prices, it is also recognized that the independence of each member company is to be respected without prejudice.

Benefits to the membership extend far beyond the advantages of volume purchasing. Members enjoy the exchange of ideas and knowledge as well as support and guidance through business cycles of growth and adaptation.

How can I become a GCGC Member?

1 The potential new member is screened and must be accepted by the four closest geographical GCGC members in addition to the Board of Directors. Secure trading areas promote the free exchange of information for the mutual benefit of all members. As a member, you never run the risk of having a close competitor become a GCGC member.
2 Members purchase shares in the Garden Centre Group Coop Corp. GCGC is member owned and operated under the Co-operatives Act of Ontario. Therefore, there is no ongoing or annual membership fee! Operating profits are returned to members in dividends.

What should I expect as a new member?

1 The first year as a GCGC member is one of adjustment. Therefore you will be assigned a 'mentor' who is typically a GCGC member in your trading area. You can call upon this member with any questions or concerns that you have.
2 You will be issued GCGC Purchase Orders, so that you can start purchasing through GCGC, taking advantage of the vendor programs and central billing. The GCGC office will notify all of our vendors that your business is a new member and that they should bill your business accordingly through the GCGC.
3 You will have access to the GCGC online public forum, where you can view communications and important messages from other members.
4 Over time, as you attend meetings and become more familiar with GCGC members and vendors, you will notice your buying practises beginning to change, with minimal adjustment to your accounting practises.