The Garden Centre Group Co-op Corporation
The Garden Centre Group Co-op Corporation
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The Garden Centre Group Co-op Corporation

Our Vendors

The GCGC has established programs with over 500 vendors worldwide.

Vendors are eager to work with the GCGC because they enjoy a multitude of benefits:
  • Specific negotiated discounts, terms, which are renegotiated annually or bi-annually.
  • Central billing, which means the efficiency of billing one business (GCGC) rather than each individual retail store.
  • Prompt payments, according to dating and terms.
  • Immediate exposure to over 40 independent retailers across Canada.
  • Opportunity to attend the GCGC Tradeshow.
  • Opportunity to build direct import containers which land to a single drop point.
  • Enhanced freight logistics by working closely with members in the same geographical region

If you are a supplier of goods and are interested in becoming a vendor to the group, please contact any of our members or click here.

Testimonials from our Vendors

"For several years Border Concepts has had the pleasure of doing business with the Garden Centre Group Coop. It has been a mutually beneficial relationship as we have had our pottery and wrought iron products introduced to the Canadian market. At the same time, members of the GCGC have benefited greatly from the special pricing, discounts, and group freight programs. For us, the most surprising thing is that more Canadian garden centres have not taken advantage of this exceptional garden centre group by becoming members."

Border Concepts, Inc. Jim Navratil
Border Concepts, Inc.

"The Garden Centre Group Co-Op and Watson Gloves began their business relationship 8 years ago. We are not new to the glove business (93 years) but were brand new the GCGC group. They welcomed us as a new supplier with open arms and full support to reach their members. Their member/supplier trade show in November is like nothing I've been involved with over my 35 years in the business…all the members come to buy. They are eager to see new and innovative products and are willing to give virtually everything a chance that we recommend. In the last 8 years we have quadrupled our business with GCGC members and look forward to continued growth. The Garden Centre Group Co-op is truly a pleasure to deal with."

Watson Gloves Bruce Dally
VP Sales and Marketing
Watson Gloves

"Working together over the past five year, Crocs and G.C.G.C. members have developed solid partnerships across the country. Our brand originated as a garden clog and has flourished with the continued strong support of the G.C.G.C. members who typically carry an extensive selection of our styles. The business relationship that we enjoy has clearly been beneficial to both parties and we look forward to continued member support of our product line, promotions and innovation."

Crocs Canada George Cowie
Sales Director
Crocs Canada

Over 500 vendors supply the GCGC!

Below is a list of our product categories and the number of vendors which supply them:

Giftware and Home Decor – 61 vendors

Nursery Stock – 74

Perennials - 8

Seeds and Bulbs – 18

Grower Supplies – 11

Fertilizer, Chemicals and Soils – 23

Hardgoods – 28

Bird – 8

Garden Decor – 30

Pottery – 22

Fashion Apparel – 15

Florist Supplies – 10

Patio and Leisure – 17

Tropical Plants – 14

Christmas Trees and Greens – 16

Christmas Decor – 35